ucaresystem core 4.3.0 : Launch it from from your applications menu

ucaresystem-core new release v4.3.0

The 4.3.0 introduces a menu icon and a launcher for ucaresystem-core. Once installed or updated, you will find a uCareSystem Core entry in your menu that you can click if you want to launch ucaresystem-core.

Now think for a moment a friend of yours, or your parents that are not comfortable with the terminal. How would you tell them to run ucaresystem-core, once in a wile, to do some automatic system maintenance on their Ubuntu/Debian based installation ?

You don’t…

You just install or upgrade to the latest version of ucaresystem-core and then add a shortcut on the desktop or the status bar. Then you just double click the ucaresystem-core icon and it will start doing its maintenance tasks.

Last but not least the new version fixes some minor bugs on some distributions. Here is a summary of fixes and features:

  • Add a Menu entry and an icon Enhancement
  • Error during upgrade: “Has premature member ‘control.tar.xz’ before ‘control.tar.gz’, giving up”
  • Add lsb-release as dependency Bug
  • Error Debian Jessie: “Command line option –purge is not understood”

Check out the following video that demonstrates how to install and use ucaresystem-core.






  1. Ucaresystem-Core – The best “All in One” tool, i ever see – thxs … Must be a default tool in all ubuntu versions !


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