ucaresystem core 4.4.0 : Pkexec, check for reboot and minor fix

The new release 4.4.0 of ucaresystem core introduces two internal but important features and a minor bug fix for Debian Jessie. Let’s check them out…Thanks to an idea of Mark Drone on launchpad, I added in ucaresystem core the feature to recognize and inform the user in case they need to restart the system after installing upgrades that require it.

After installing the updates, ucaresystem core will check if system reboot is needed

I also replaced the old way in which the user is required to type his password. The old way had a dependency (gksu) but this was installing an additional package without considering the possibility that the user may not be using GNOME based desktop environment.

By using pkexec, ucaresystem core is independent of the user’s graphical desktop environment and follows the standards set by freedesktop.org.

With pkexec you get the correct dialog based on your desktop environment

Finally, an error on Debian Jessie where a command was not being executed was corrected because apt in this version of Debian is of an earlier version that does not support the new parameters.

I would like to sincerely thank all those who donated, thous encouraged the continuous improvement of ucaresystem core. Their donation indicates that ucaresystem core continues to be useful in their everyday life.


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