Download Utappia Software

Utappia Apps are Open Source Projects Linux applications that you can download, use, modify and share your changes with everybody. The project is hosted at Launchpad:



uCareSystem is an all in one system app which offers an easy to use application to automatically check updates, install updates, remove junk files and clean used space.

CaptureMe (not compatible with wayland)



CaptureMe is a Linux screencasting tool which just works ! Hassle free, easy to use screencasting of your desktop or a selected application window.

Optimus Kernel (Deprecated)


Optimus Linux Kenrel, is an optimized linux kernel built on top of the latest stable official Ubuntu Linux Kernel and patched with BFS and BFQ schedulers for fast, responsive and optimum desktop experience.

iQunix (Deprecated)


iQunix is a complete 64 bit operating system built on top of Ubuntu operating system. It’s unique design offers a “bare-bone”, operating system in which almost nothing is pre-installed so that the end user can decide what should be installed.