Utappia: Building a project just for fun


Utappia, is a project that I have started a few month’s ago just for fun. The purpose was simply to bring all of my little, tiny software projects under one umbrella. But it started growing on number of involved people and it will get even bigger.

Little story…

I was involved in many side projects that had to do with writing software in bash script, building a special purpose Linux distribution, building and maintaining software repositories etc. But never had them in one place… Odd you could say…

Update (29 May 2012): Please read an interview I gave to “Unixmen” about Utappia here: http://www.unixmen.com/interview-with-salih-emin-of-utappia/

Well you see developers (not that I am one) suck on marketing their work and products. So when a friend (average Joe) asked me where he could find a software that I have built, I realized that I could just give him a, lets say Git repo and tell him to “git clone” it… That is bad marketing…

Any piece of software from 1 to 100+ lines of code, has to have a website dedicated to promote it or else:

  • It will die…
  • There will be no motive…
  • You can’t get users feedback…
  • Get in touch with your “users” (this is the most important part that doesn’t exist in FOSS)

This is just a draft way to explain why I started Utappia.

Today the developer of Cinux has partnered with Utappia and his projects are now part of Utappia’s portfolio. For instance the Jetbrowser I can also tell you that there are plans for more people to get involved with Utappia… just wait and see…

How to stay in touch…

I have tried to make it easy as much as I can to make possible to get in touch with me. If you head over to Utappia’s Home Page you will see in the sidebar some social networking links:

… so you can use them to stay in touch. If you want to have the latest news about the product that you use, then I suggest you to use the RSS Feed or subscribe for newsletter with your email on the products web page.

Last but not least, you can contact me either from contact Page or from the “Support Page” of any product.

What Utappia has in its portfolio…

Utappia Apps are Linux applications that are mostly Open Source Projects and you can freely download, use, modify and share your changes with everybody.

Cinux is an from scratch designed, built and packaged operating system. It runs on top of the Linux kernel providing a secure, intuitive and full of capabilities workspace. It’s user will enjoy a whole new but, familiar desktop experience.
Visit Cinux website >>>>

iQunix is a complete 64 bit operating system built on top of Ubuntu operating system. It’s unique design offers to Ubuntu users and specialist, a “bare-bone” Unity based, operating system in which nothing is pre-installed so that the end user can decide what should be installed.
uCareSystem is an all in one system app which offers you an easy to use application to automatically check updates, install updates, remove junk files and clean used space.
optimus linux kernel
Optimus Linux Kenrel, is an optimized linux kernel built on top of the latest stable official Linux Kernel and patched with BFS and BFQ schedulers for fast, responsive and optimum desktop experience. Visit Optimus Kenrel website >>>>

CaptureMe is a Linux screencasting tool which does just what it says ! Hassle free, easy to use screencasting of your desktop or a selected application windows. Visit CaptureMe website >>>>


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