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We have put, time and effort to bring out the best of our self for this project. If you have found it useful, funding this time and effort with your donations can be a rewarding way of making a difference.

“Everybody wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be first.”


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Click the donate button and enter the amount you want to donate. Then you will be navigated to the page with the latest version to download the installer If you don’t want to Donate this time, just click the download icon to be navigated to the page with the latest version to download the installer
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Once installed, the updates for new versions will be installed along with your regular system updates.


By downloading the uCareSystem app you accept and agree to obey the license GPLv3.0

uCareSystem app is Licensed under GPLv3.0.

System Requirements

Ubuntu (14.04 or later) or Debian (8 or later) and derivative distributions (Not tested on every flavor)


uCaresytems system has the following features:

  • Updates the list of available packages
  • Downloads and installs the available updates
  • Checks if there are older Linux kernels on the system and removes them. However it keeps the current and one previous version of the kernel.
  • Cleans the cache of the downloaded packages
  • Removes obsolete packages
  • Removes orphan packets
  • Deletes package configuration files from packages that have been uninstalled by you.
  • Allows upgrade to supported versions when the OS has reached EOL (Ubuntu and official flavours only)
  • Allows upgrade to new releases when they are available (Ubuntu and official flavours only)

Please read more for details:

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