Donations report 2016-2017


I would like personally to thank all the users who donated to my projects. Here is a quick report of all the people who have donated.

Name Donation received
Mitch Stanley 25,00 USD
Jeffrey Wong 10,00 USD
Laurent Idlas 10,00 USD
Edward Stahl 10,00 USD
Neil Barker 2,00 USD
Praveen Bhamidipati 5,00 USD
Total amount 62 USD

The above donations were made for uCareSystem which also is the default system updater on LXLE Linux Distribution

The total amount of donations that were kindly donated to me, have been redistributed as follows:

Payment Amount Type
WordPress Domain map (2yr) 13.00 USD Expense
Internet Archive 14.00 USD Donation
Wikipedia 10.00 USD Donation
Free Software Foundation 15.00 USD Donation
Electronic Frontier Foundation 10.0 USD Donation
Total 62 USD

I also wish to thank all of you who have donated, since the beginning of this project.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


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