How to do a full disk encryption with Ubuntu installation


In this video tutorial, I am demonstrating how to do a full disk encryption by using Ubuntu Mini ISO (Netinstall)


The Ubuntu Mini Netinstall method is one of my favorite. You download an ISO file that is almost 50 MB and once you boot it up and connect to the network, you can have more control over how to install Ubuntu. Plus you will not need to download and install any updates, as everything will be installed in its latest version available for the distribution.

In this video presentation, let’s assume that we are doing the installation on a laptop and for security reasons we want to do a full disk encryption.

So let’s get started:

  1. Download the Ubuntu mini ISO
  2. Boot up your PC with it
  3. Choose your language and locale settings
  4. Choose a mirror for packages
  5. Add a Username and password
  6. Check if the right timezone is defined
  7. For partitioning Choose Guided use entire disk (as Full disk encryption doesn’t work with dual boot)
    Provide a good passphrase (a good one is minimum 20 characters)
  8. Verify that the partitioning scheme is as you want
  9. It’s good to choose the automatic installation of security updates
  10. In software selection, you can choose between multiple things like desktop environments and even server packages
  11. And then let the installation of approximately 1500 packages begin the downloading and installation procedure.

Once it’s done, you will be asked for grub installation (keep the default settings). After the reboot, you will be prompt for the passphrase to decrypt your hard disk and be able to boot the system.



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