Ask – Find the best answer to your questions related to Ubuntu in just 1 second !!!

Ah, it’s almost 9:00 and I am still awake. I’ve been trying to figure out how great it’s the howdoi and what if I could modify the script to work along with

How it works

Just type your question (query or just a phrase) or anything like being in Google, but in terminal.

The script will search using Google to find the appropriate AskUbuntu links and throw away the rest of them. Then, it will pick up the first one (use the -n <number> parameter to specify how many answers do you want to see), browse into the code tab, grab the first top voted-reply and throw away the garbage. If you want just the links, use the -l parameter.

[button color=”green” link=””%5DDownload Ask[/button][button color=”blue” link=””%5DFork it Github[/button]


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