How to Benchmark with Team Fortress 2

  • Open console (~)
  • Type ‘record #‘  (Replace # with desired filename).
  • Once you’re done recording what you want, type ‘stop‘ into console,
  • then leave the game
  • type “timedemo #” (Replace # with desired filename) to start benching


if you want just to play the video (not benchmarking) then:

  • type ‘demoui‘ or press Shift-F2. Both will bring up the demo user interface.
  • Once the UI is up, click ‘load’ to load your recording and begin to play it through like a movie.

The game is playable even with Open Source nVIDIA drivers Nouveau, but the performance is not comparable to proprietary. Check the video below. Sorry for the Greek commentary, the video was meant for Ubuntu Greek Community at GPlus, so … just see the performance: first video is Propritary. second video is Open Source.





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