Counter-Strike 1.6 beta released for Linux

Both Half-Life 1 and Counter-Strike 1.6 is now available as a Beta for your testing pleasure on Linux (and OS X). Purchase (if you already don’t) the game and select Properties, Linux beta.





  1. Been playing Half Life 1 on Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit since yesterday.
    Works really well at 1080p. No bugs I can see so far, but they did update it again today.


  2. call of duty the second dissapointment after teamfortress . I dont know why but even the mouse events delayed. Bad performance , i dont know if i do anything wrong but ….
    Things like this reminds me why windows the most popular operating system .
    I wish mac osx would open its code cause i like it very much but macs are expensive.

    I start feeling that linux won’t make 100% use of my hardware and my computer’s resources and capabilities. I like opensource philosophy but an operating system to be good should make use 100% of the computer’s hardware and resources if linux can’t then i’m simply wasting my time here.


    1. …..randing… bla bla bla
      After that i made a small tweak and everything runs great!
      Very good fps and perfromance linux is the best


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