New update for Steam Linux client released

Τhere’s a new Steam Beta client available. To access the Beta, go to File -> Settings. On the Account tab press the Change… button to open the Beta Participation dialog. Then Select “Steam Beta Update”, and allow Steam to restart itself. Here are the specific changes:

– Fixed layout of installation wizard when installing multiple apps.
– Fixed rare occurrence of prompting a user to accept the same Steam Subscriber Agreements multiple times.
– Big Picture: Added support for notifying the user when logging into an account that has already logged in on another machine
– Big Picture: Fixed bug where chat notifications might not be displayed when in game.
– Big Picture: Fixed possibly displaying multiple countdown timers in the store
– Big Picture: Fixed loading animations disappearing before loading was complete
– Big Picture: Fixed crash when entering Big Picture mode while in a voice chat
– Linux: add support for custom Steam library folders
– Linux: fix bug w/notifications stealing focus
– Linux: fix bug that caused text to be entered backwards in edit fields
– Linux: fix overlay crash w/Amnesia: The Dark Descent Demo
– Linux: fix overlay crash w/The Critter Chronicles
– Linux: fix “Retrieve A Lost Account” wizard causing steam to minimize
– Linux: fix Turkish characters showing up correctly in Steam updater window
– Linux: remove game icons when removing a game
– Linux: fix bug causing menus to close when a sub-menu closes
– Linux: fix bug with usernames ending with ‘.’
– Linux: fix bug w/Steam changing global mouse cursor theme


BTW did you know that SteamBox is based on Linux ?

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  1. Looks like there’s still no fix for taking screenshots when playing Serious Sam 3. Using F12 to take a screenshot in game, whilst online, causes the game and Steam to crash on my system (Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit). Btw, I only did Steam -> Check for Client Updates to get the updates.


  2. Cant install, uninstall properly, boot with the latest 2 updates
    Installing sais installed but the client crashes on boot or within 30seconds
    uninstalling only removes the access via the desktop shortcut, all the folders are still present.
    Manually deleted all folders, redownloaded the latest client and once again sais installing via Synaptic it does it’s thing, via Gdebi it just sais installing then stops but still gives the option to install. tho Synaptic sais it’s there. Either way the client still crashes on boot or within 30seconds. So Aggrivating, was working relatively fine b4 the last 2 updates

    So i’m running on Mint 14 64bit with Catalyst 12.10 drivers since nothing else seems to work atm atleast for my system.


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