Steam Linux client gets updated along with 5000 new testers

Valve have just updated the Steam for Linux client. Your client will update automatically but if you wish to force the update, click Check for Steam Client Updates…, from the top-level Steam menu.
The following fixes are included in this release:

  • added support for detecting kmod: video driver packages to the video driver detection code
  • fixed the video driver version check bootstrapper and added X API error handling
  • corrected top level window titles
  • fixed truncated text in Steam settings dialog
  • fixed low download speed problem
  • fixed overlay occasionally not exiting if game crashed
  • added support for keypad Enter button messages
  • improved the tracking of game windows by the overlay
  • fixed how the Steam client waits for child process exits
  • added support for using xdg-user-dir-lookup to find the DESKTOP directory
  • fixed bug with maximize button not working
  • made the Steam install directory relocatable
  • steam install now properly updates the /usr/bin/steam directory
  • added support for proper reinstallation if the Steam install bootstrap fails
  • fixed a glyph rendering bug that resulted in heap corruption
  • the locale is now set to generate proper character input

Update 22/11/2012

Valve is making good progress finding and fixing issues that our users have reported so we’re expanding the beta by 5000 before the long holiday (US) weekend kicks in. New limited beta testers will have an email notification in their inbox.

Have a great weekend everyone! UbuntuXtreme is now an official beta tester! Guess what, we’ve got our invitation! Yeah!

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  1. Has anyone tried gaming on ubuntu/unity with compiz and above ?
    * gtk-window-decorator has been fully ported from GConf to GSettings.
    * Gamers rejoice! CCSM > Composite > “Unredirect Fullscreen Windows” now
    works more reliably, with a few bugs remaining. If you turn it on then
    fullscreen windows like games will get direct rendering access and won’t
    be slowed by Compiz (or Unity) any more. quantal came with or the latest from staging ppa curious to see if anyone is getting any performance gains


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