How to by-pass Steam closed beta (updated)

It seems that there is a bug that allows everyone to play Steam games. However, not all games are playable. A guy called Directhex tested some Linux games under Steam:

[toggle title=”List of Games for Steam (updated)”]

Game Works? Tester Notes Updated
Amnesia: The Dark Descent /u/directhex missing dependency on libxmu6:i386 2012-11-06
And Yet It Moves /u/directhex missing dependency on libjpeg62:i386, screwed launcher script (trivially fixed by changing ayim_dir=) 2012-11-16
Aquaria /u/directhex 2012-11-06
Braid /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Cave Story+ /u/directhex missing executable 2012-11-06
Cogs /u/directhex 2012-11-06
Crusader Kings II /u/sm222 missing executable 2012-11-06
Cubemen /u/directhex 2012-11-06
Darwinia /u/directhex 2012-11-06
DEFCON /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Dungeons of Dredmor /u/directhex 2012-11-06
Dynamite Jack /u/ronjouch 2012-11-06
Eversion /u/ronjouch error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 2012-11-06
Frozen Synapse /u/directhex 2012-11-06
Galcon Fusion /u/ronjouch 2012-11-06
Killing Floor /u/directhex missing executable 2012-11-06
LIMBO /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Multiwinia /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Osmos /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Penumbra: Black Plague /u/ronjouch no files 2012-11-06
Penumbra: Overture /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Penumbra: Requiem /u/ronjouch no files 2012-11-06
Psychonauts /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 /u/WienerWuerstel missing executable 2012-11-06
Rochard /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
Serious Sam 3: BFE /u/directhex missing executable 2012-11-06
Space Pirates and Zombies /u/directhex 2012-11-06
SpaceChem /u/directhex packaging error, only runs on 32-bit Ubuntu (technically 64-bit if mono in $PATH is 32-bit) 2012-11-06
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution /u/directhex 64-bit binary, but crashed Compiz for me on quit 2012-11-06
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP /u/directhex missing dependency on libcurl3:i386 2012-11-06
Trine 2 /u/nothingbutcontempt 2012-11-06
Uplink /u/directhex 2012-11-06
VVVVVV /u/directhex no files 2012-11-06
World of Goo /u/directhex 2012-11-06

I’m testing on Ubuntu 12.10 AMD64, with FGLRX.

Copy & Paste doesn’t work.

Tenfoot mode works, but is super blurry. Supposedly this is related to the auto-detected quantity of VRAM, and for me it isn’t detected properly.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust entries from people who aren’t me, but you could always gift me titles I don’t own on Steam if you want to see all games tested on the same platform (and kept updated). Plus as an Ubuntu dev, I’ve got a reasonable handle on how to properly fix some of them for you (e.g. working out missing dependencies)


[toggle title=”Bypass Closed-Beta”]

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs  (only for 64bit)
steam steam://open/games

steam steam://store

steam steam://open/friends

steam steam://open/games

for example:


So once you have Steam successfully installed, let’s trye World of Goo. Go to

and click Download PC Demo button.

Afterwards, there will be a pop-up menu craving for Steam launch.

Next please…

Finish. Now wait until the download is complete.

And click Play the game.

For those who don’t believe me, here’s a video on Youtube. That’s me using my Macbook and Ubuntu 12.10, playing World of Goo via Steam using Intel HD3000 IGPU.



  1. For this to work “steam steam://store” or “steam steam://open/friends” or “steam steam://open/games”


  2. Some of the features of the client aren’t available to non-offical-beta users. There is a special “Linux” section in the client that isn’t accessible to non-offical-beta users . Similarly, non-offical users cannot access or play Team Fortress 2 whilst the others can (the game simply refuses to install, mentioning that there is a heavy load on servers- a polite way of saying that the download is restricted). You can now get serious sam however amd/ati performance is poor and its recommended to use the latest 310.14 driver for Nvidia cards


  3. I tested world of goo and team fortress 2 and both are working great!!!TF2 is a lil bit slow on loading but maybe that’s just for the first time it boots. FPS were great and I m just using the intel driver…


  4. works with jump lists in either unity or cairo dock as well. just right click and go to store, library, friends, etc.


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