How to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10

Step 1: Remove any 3rd party repositories

In case you are currently using any 3rd party repositories, like xorg-edgers or ubuntu-x, it is recommended to remove them from your system as to avoid unexpected situations. Also, If you have used our uXeye script to install your nvidia GPU drivers, then you have to uninstall them before proceeding the upgrade; otherwise, there will be problems that no-one but an experienced Linux user can tackle with. Let me show you how to do it.

Open Ubuntu Software Center > Edit menu > Software Sources > Other Software Tab    and un- check all 3rd party (including launchpad) repositories. To change software settings you need to authenticate first by typing root’s password when it’s prompted. Take a look to the screenshot below:

Once you have PPAs unchecked, update your system. Simply put, this might be more of an downgrade your current packages to Ubuntu’s 12.04 default version. Open a Terminal and type:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Now reboot your computer.

Step 2: Remove nVIDIA or AMD Proprietary driver

If you are not using the open source driver but the closed (proprietary version) ones, you need to have the removed from your system in order to successfully upgrade into Ubuntu 12.10. After all,  no-one wants to have their all-new Ubuntu 12.10 crashed, so driver-wise, please make sure that you have X-Swat/Xorg-Edgers disabled (see the previous step 1). That has been told, UbuntuXtreme is not responsible for any NVIDIA API mismatch, ending up with a different kernel nVIDIA module in contrast with all NVIDIA driver components. That’s why you need to remove any proprietary driver and 3rd party repository before applying the Ubuntu 12.10 update.

Personally, I own a GeForce GTX465, thus I am going to use uXeye script to complete remove 304.60 drivers. In case you are using AMD GPU, please refer to unofficial AMD Linux Community *btw soon enough I will include AMD into uXeye scrip too, but for the time being you’re on your own. So fire up the uXeye and select the 3rd option.

Step 3: Notify for any new version

Ubuntu 12.04, the release prior to today’s, was a Long Term Support release (meaning that it is supported with bug fixes and security updates for 5 years) you won’t find a pop telling you that a new version is available. Let’s fix this.

Open Ubuntu Software Center > Edit menu > Software Sources > Updates Tab   and change the notification rule from “For long-term support versions” to “For any new version”.

Step 4: Upgrade to 12.10

Once you have altered the notification rule, you are able to proceed. Open Update Manager (via Dash) and click Upgrade Ubuntu 12.10 button.

During installation you might get some strange messages regarding your GPU. This is caused due to open source nouveau drivers, missing the 3D acceleration support. Just skip the messages or click Yes.


Ignore the messages and proceed with the installation. Make sure you have all the programs closed or you will get a warning like this:

Ok now you are able to finish the upgrade….Ubuntu 12.10 has just been released, so you won’t be the only person upgrading. With this in mind be prepared for the upgrade to take longer than usual to complete.

Do also remember that Ubuntu 12.04 is general more stable than later releases because of its LTS tag. If your productivity depends on general stability more than slick Unity Previews and some updated apps, hold off on upgrading for now.

Do not forget to re-install your GPU drivers



    1. I don’t know how to downgrade but if your computer is slow, then install the proprietary drivers for your graphics card. You see when it comes to performance Unity is big pile of Guano. Anyway, I see the floppy disk icon to be on the launcher bar… but I don’t have a floppy disk from 2004 😛 WTF


      1. already installed. chrome is freaking out, the icons rarely appear when i open the menu. when i click on something ive to wait 30 seconds to a minute for it to open if it will open at all. 12.04 worked fine, why do this shitty upgrade?


        1. Welcome onboard. Network settings appears after 6 sec. Home folder appears after 3s. Holy cow Ubuntu, this is not going to beat Windows 8, but Windows 98. That’s what happens when you mess your deskop with gay stuff like Amazon, Music, etc. These apps, webs etc should be enabled only upon user request — not by default.

          Compiz and Unity together, need about 250MB RAM


  1. I have upgrade my ubuntu 12.04 to ubuntu 12.10 but unfortunately encountered an issue during the upgrade.

    So now, I have some issue when i run apt-get upgrade:

    Lecture des listes de paquets… Fait
    Construction de l’arbre des dépendances
    Lecture des informations d’état… Fait
    Vous pouvez lancer « apt-get -f install » pour corriger ces problèmes.
    Les paquets suivants contiennent des dépendances non satisfaites :
    libc6 : Dépend: libc-bin (= 2.15-0ubuntu10.3)
    libc6:i386 : Dépend: libc-bin:i386 (= 2.15-0ubuntu10.3)
    libc6-dev : Dépend: libc6 (= 2.15-0ubuntu20) mais 2.15-0ubuntu10.3 est installé
    libc6-i386 : Dépend: libc6 (= 2.15-0ubuntu20) mais 2.15-0ubuntu10.3 est installé
    E: Dépendances manquantes. Essayez d’utiliser l’option -f.


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