History of Open Source: How did all started – Infographic

History of Open source software is filled with collaborative accomplishments and innovations, but how and when did all started ?
SourceNinja released an Infographic detailing the history of open source software development and which companies and institutes have contributed to its success. My only concern and objection on this “History of Open Source infographic” is the last paragraph is speaking about the four freedoms of Open Source. This is not correct as the four freedoms are referred in the Free Software manifesto and not in Open Source.

Open Source software has nothing to do with freedom or licenses (source). In contrast, Free Software has everything to do with the freedom to do whatever you want with the code that is provided with an open source – free software.

Although the OSI definition of “open source software” is widely accepted, a small number of people and organizations use the term to refer to software where the source is available for viewing, but which may not legally be modified or redistributed. Such software is more often referred to as source-available, or as shared source, a term coined by Microsoft

Nevertheless, the History of Open Source infographic is quite accurate and informative.

The History of Open Source Software

(click image to enlarge)

History of Open Source Software(via)


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