Basic Concepts of Overclocking Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs

Final words

So when you get a board and want to overclock typically you need to verify and stabilize your tested settings. First off let us remind you that we always recommend increments of baby steps in CPU and memory (from the default base clock frequency upwards). In the first stage you overclock the CPU, in the second the memory. Once you get instant restart or a lockup, back down to the previous setting and typically that is your stable result in it’s highest threshold.

Alternative (if you can allow for more noise), increase the fan RPM on the CPU towards a higher setting that you find comfortable. Cooling helps with overclocking, it’s a s simple as that. That baclside of your graphics card howevere gets hot as well, so make sure your PC casing is well ventilated with decent airflow.

Overclocking tools – now you can’t use any 3rd party tool like Windows, however without voltage tweaking and on-the-fly changes, we recommend you to stick to the BIOS settings.


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