Why Beautifying and Decentralizing your content matters ?

cerebrux blog on google currents full

If you are a writer, blogger or content publisher, you possibly care about the way you present your content. But have you decentralized your content ? Does your content reach your readers on every device that they want to read you ? Is your content served the way you want it ?

With the emerge of smartphones and tablets the publishing “industry” started to realize that providing just a mobile version of their website is not enough. Also “forcing” people to visit their site if they want to read their full content is discouraging when people want to read the entire content on any device they want.

Personally, I have provided social accounts, RSS feed and email subscriptions to offer my content to as many people as possible. But the new smart devices are pushing content creators to find new ways to serve their articles to many forms factors. Moreover, the content its self should have the right typography, form and beauty to please the reader.

Cerebrux now on Google Currents

Google comes to offer a fix to this Beautifying and Decentralizing bug, with a service and app called Google Currents Producer and Google Currents App.

Google Currents App is a magazine app for smartphones and tablets that were in December of 2011. It is currently available for Android and iOS devices. The application by default covers a variety of sources and offers a list of featured content that includes Forbes, CNET, ReadWriteWeb, and the like.

Google Currents Producer is a web-based self-publishing platform whereby publishers can customize the presentation of their content on Google Currents.

After reading a well-known Android blogger here in Greece, who was the first who had his contents delivered through Google Currents, I realized that I had to deal with this bug and use Google Currents. I chatted with him and talked about the platform and he convinced to download Chrome for Ubuntu (I prefer Firefox but it is not supported by G. Currents) and logging in Google Currents Producer to start preparing my content.

Download or Subscribe

If you don’t have Google Currents on your device or you may have it already installed you can now subscribe to my blog and read my article through G. Currents App by clicking the following banner or the one that will always stay on the right side of the Cerebrux Website.

Thank you all and I would like your feedback ones you subscribe.

cerebrux on google currents


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