Interview emertX from xtremesystems

Hello Daniel (emertX)

I think it’s time to introduce you in our readers. Are you ready for a quick interview ?

Getting to know each other…

Okay, first question, obviously, please tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m an industrial engineer and I like overclocking like more than 7 years now. But exclusively with water! No extreme cooling! Furthermore I’m a mod of Hardwareluxx Germany!

Next question then: How and when did you start overclocking?

It’s seven years ago, I tried my first overclocking under water! Over 10 years ago, I overslocked my first Pentium with air.

Do your family members understand your hobby?

Yes and no. Sometimes it’s OK, but in winter, when I take my machine outside @ -10°C they say I’m crazy!

Where does your overclocking knowledge come from?

Trial and error!

A lifetime of benching …

Thank you, let’s move on to the benchmarking experience section of the questions, which is why most people are reading this article for.

What’s your current bench setup?

Asus Maximus V Formula, VTX3D 7970 X-Edition, 3770K, Enermax Maxrevo 1500W, Samsung EcoGreen 30nm@2600MHz Everything watercooled. And the water is cooled by a self-built chiller, which cooles the water to -36°C if I want to!

What are the specs of the PC you use every day?

4,5GHz@CPU / 2400 CL10-11-11-21-1T@MEM / 1200/1800@GPU

What is you favorite bench setup up till now?

This one! (Click on to enlarge the image)

If you had to choose one, what’s your most memorable session?

Last winter. -16°C outside! 😀

Is there anything especially weird in your way of oc’ing? Secret weapons?

The Winter as I said!

What would you consider as your best overclocking achievements?

5970@1100@water / TRI-SLI 580@water@1050/2250 / TRI-CF@Water@1300/1800 / 3770K@water@5175 in 3D11

How many parts of hardware did you kill during benching (CPUs, MBs, RAMs, etc)?

One Hardkill of my X58 Classified during isolation

How much hardware do you have at home? Who are your sponsors?

No sponsors so far! Cause waterclocking is not that popular. Temporarily I just have some oldschool stuff and a kit of G.Skill mem 16GB@2400CL11 laying around.

What tips do you have for our readers? What do they have to consider?

Just watch your temperatures! Nothing more to say…watch your f… temperatures!

Overclocking is sharing

We all know that everyone has his favorites, but who are your favorite benchmarkers?

Just these guys, who are in front of my league in HWBOT!

Can you earn money with overclocking?

No! I would like, but as I said – Watercooling is boring 😦

What forums do you browse?

Hardwareluxx (mod!), xtremesystems, Kingpincooling, Guru3d

Tips for newcomers?

ubuntu Xtreme – uX?

Inevitable … you know it, we really have to ask some questions about uX. For instance, why did you joined into Voodoo People Project?

Cause I was invited!

What does uX bring to this hobby in your opinion?

New ways of overclocking-experience

Any thoughts or remarks on uX? Anything you would like to change or add?


A view on the future …

What do you think of Ubuntu/Linux and Overclocking in general?

No idea!

Breaking hardware, spending thousands of dollars … is there any sense in this hobby?

No! but tell me a hobby, that is not expensive! It’s a hobby, not my job!

Why should manufacturers spend more time designing overclocking products?

I think it’s enough, you can get on market!

A quick last question maybe, How would you describe you hobby in three words?

Time-Killing, expensive, just crazy!

This is the end – finally, this took quite some time – and we really want to thank you for doing this interview. Take your setup outside and we wish you a lot of success in your future life and benchmark sessions; hope to see you at the top one day!


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