How to Certify your Ubuntu compatible Hardware

As a hardware, gaming, overclocking, tuning and optimizing website we provide information about a huge amount of hardware equipments ready to enable you to build your PC or  to buy as a pre-built system. It is crucial to also make sure that this hardware will be compatible with Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility information can be found in two ways. Either by visiting the official Ubuntu Certified Hardware list, or by visiting Ubuntu Friendly Hardware list.

Officially Supported Compatible Hardware

Ubuntu Certified compatible hardware is the hardware that has passed Canonicals extensive testing and review process to make sure Ubuntu runs well out of the box and it is ready for your needs. For this Canonical works closely with OEMs to jointly make Ubuntu available on a wide range of devices.

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ubuntucertifiedOEMs submit systems to Canonical’s testing facility where certification testing and validation is performed by Canonical engineers. Choosing a certified, Ubuntu compatible desktop means that you’ll enjoy the richest and most integrated Ubuntu experience possible.

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Community driven Compatible Hardware

The last one is a community effort and an open “compatible hardware” validation system for desktops, netbooks and laptops. This validation system allows everyone to validate as “Ubuntu Friendly” (compatible or known to work well) their PC systems with a particular release of Ubuntu, based on test results sent by Ubuntu users. Its goal is to have a list of systems that people have tested with a particular release of Ubuntu and an associated rating, based on the results of their testing.

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ubuntufriendlyUbuntu works on a range of hardware which has not been certified by the manufacturer. The Ubuntu community works together to test and report the range of systems that work with Ubuntu. ou can see a list of tested systems with their results in the Ubuntu Friendly Hardware site

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If you want to have your hardware listed as Ubuntu Friendly or if you want to see if it will pass all the Hardware Certification Tests then the following How To is for you !

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Use System Testing to test your system for Ubuntu Friendly.

Watch this screencast to learn how to test and submit your system to the Ubuntu Friendly site.


Test your system and submit the results. It won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Becoming Ubuntu Friendly, step-by-step.

  1. Create an account at
  2. After you have an account, you need to be running the latest Ubuntu Linux (12.04) and have a usb stick, a SD card, a external monitor, media and blank CDs and DVDs, a headset, and firewire and pcmcia devices. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of these, you will be able to skip those tests. Of course, the more you test, the better.
  3. Just search by Ubuntu Friendly or System Testing in the Dash.
  4. Before starting testing save your work and close any opened applications. Please, do so, as some of the tests might suspend your system and you may lose your work if your system is unable to recover.
  5. Once you start the the application system testing will collect some data about your system. Don’t worry, no personal data will be collected.
  6. Then you will be presented with a List of tests to select. The list that appears in your screen is the default list for Ubuntu Friendly. You should let all these categories selected for your submission to be included in Ubuntu Friendly You will be able to skip tests you don’t have hardware for (for example, writable media or bluetooth devices).
  7. Every test has a small description explains what to do in that particular test and a question that needs to be answered. Some of the tests, asks you to click on “Test” to run a task. The possible replies of a test are: “Yes“, “No“, or “Skip“, if we want to skip a particular test that you don’t have hardware for (such as a bluetooth device or writable media). You can add a comment if you want, but this step is optional.
  8. Submit your results!After the completion of the test just enter your email address and click on “Next”.All done! Just enter your email address and click on “Next”.Your system will appear in the Ubuntu Friendly site in the next few hours.






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