uCareSystem and uCareSystem Core v1.0 released

As you may have already read the Story behind uCareSystem one missing piece of puzzle was a terminal version of uCareSystem for all of power users and server administrators out there.


uCareSystem Core

You will find the new uCareSystem core executable in the same folder as with uCareSystem.

This, terminal version is for: – Experienced users or Powerusers – Non Desktop Environments – Servers – Workstations — for Adminstrators who want silently to make some system maintenance – Using with Cron Jobs by Admins for scheduled and automatic system maintenances


uCareSystem Core has the same functionality with uCareSystem but without it has no GUI.

Also, the first time you run the uCareSystem Core, it will copy its self to your system so that the next time you don’t have to run the executable again. You will need just to run :

sudo updatecore

So what are you waiting for ! Head over the Download Page>>>


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