UbuntuXtreme: Creating an Ubuntu Gamers and Overclockers community

Dr Android ROM

ubuntuxtremelogoCollaborating with people that have the same interests, has alway led to grater things. This is what we shall do with ubuntuxtreme.com. With Ubuntu, leading the way to a new market as a gaming platform, we will present news, articles, hardwares, games, overclocking and anything related to “Pushing the Ubuntu Hardware and OS beyond its limits”

On one of my early post, “Gaming on Ubuntu 12.04: a new era for the third most popular OS” I have boldly calmed that Ubuntu will be the next platform that will lead the gaming era on Linux based operating systems. So a friend of mine (Panos), who is way better qualified on hardware related stuff than me, talked to me about a project that he had in his mind for a while. After talking also with the “Android expert” of our fellowship it was obvious that the time was right.

Using the official “Guidelines for websites” provided by the designing team of Canonical, Panos tried to provide a website design that will use the colors of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Fonts as Typography. The first version of his work was ready and so after brainstorming for the name…. UbuntuXtreme went live with the following manifesto:

We are a place for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers using the most famous Linux distribution: Ubuntu. That’s right, Ubuntu is the most mainstream Linux option for everyone, great support, one-click applications, great community and its free! The whole idea behind UbuntuXtreme website, is lying under the immense future for Linux. We are pretty sure that soon enough we will be able to play new games without needing a Windows dual boot partition. Thus, we aim to provide you articles, news and reviews about Linux and hardware.

We have launched also a Google plus page and a GitHub repository to provide some useful tools:

We will try to create the first ever community that uses Ubuntu as a gaming, overclocking and hardware/OS tunning platform. We have yet much to do (believe me, the to-do list is loooooong) so stay tuned on the ubuntuxtreme.com or on Google+ page and before you leave please read the first post of our new project:


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