MSI Introduces OC Certified mainboards

MSI is excited to introduce an all-new standard for overclocking stability called MSI’s OC Certified standard as their new baseline for overclocking mainboards. Specifically, we are talking about MSI Z77 MPOWER, which is OC Certified, submitted to a Military grade stress-test for overclocking. Where other motherboard manufacturers only test for a limited duration, every MSI Z77 MPOWER is submitted to a 24 hour OC stress-test. Only mainboards surviving 24 hours of Prime95 while heavily overclocked. The conditions of the OC Certified test are rigorous high temperature, no airflow testing.

To simple put, final OC results of course vary with the component quality of the entire system, but at least you can count on your mainboard not being the limiting factor. This is a clever feature for MSI, although the current Z77 platform is not famous for high BCLK. What we mean is that, the recent overclocking procecude for both Sandy and Ivy bridge is based upon the CPU’s ability to keep up with a faster multiplier, rather than pushing the BCLK.

Specifically MSI tells us that OC Performance means all OC Certified tests are run at a minimum of 4.6 GHz CPU speed. Stable Power is tested by running Prime95 for 24-hours in these conditions. The PWM cooling test ensures that, even without airflow in a high-temperature room (30°C) without airflow from a CPU cooler..

Last but certainly not least, we suggest you to hold on your horses and wait until the first reviews make their show up. The price of MSI Z77 MPOWER is well settled at $280 – pretty well for a handy-picked edition.


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