New course, new opportunities…

After 9 releases of Optimus Kernel while the release cycle was going smooth and I was releasing following the mainline kernel version…. in June after the release of Optimus Kernel 3.3.7 things started to slow down on the schedule because of some factors. This led me to reconsider the release cycle of Optimus.

If you want to read the full story behind my decision please read the detailed blogpost over my blog :

Optimus Kernel: Building the best Ubuntu Desktop experience

Here its the TL;DR version:

  • New versions will be based ONLY on the latest available stable of Ubuntu
  • 100% Compatibility is unquestionable
  • Linux Kernel from 3.3.8…. 3.4+ caused some build errors that where time consuming το fix
  • Came across multiple Bugs in BFS and BFQ schedulers
  • Patches to make an Ubuntu compatible Optimus Kernel that is based on the latest Kernel, are not always at sync with mainline (at least not stable)
  • New Optimizations will focus more on Performance
  • Stability is priority so users should feel the same as using the default kernel that ships with Ubuntu but feel the boost in performance

Please stay tuned, by subscribing and the following days I will release the 64bit and 32bit versions of Optimus Kernel based on this new release schedule.


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