Greetings Ubuntu users

Hello and welcome to our website – a place for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers using the most famous Linux distribution: Ubuntu. That’s right, Ubuntu is the most mainstream Linux option for everyone, great support, one-click applications, great community and its free! The whole idea behind UbuntuXtreme website, is lying under the imment future for Linux. We are pretty sure that soon enough we will be able to play new games without needing a Windows dual boot partition. Thus, we aim to provide you articles, news and reviews about Linux and hardware.

Who we are

We are a rapidly growing and expanding community , with a high-tech orientation. People that manage and organize the development of our community have a passion for overclocking and benchmarking. We also posses significant knowledge in Hardware Engineering that satisfies the technical requirements for the operation of our community. Our vision at UbuntuXtreme is to become a place that hosts information (in many forms -text, image, video) catering to the whole range of overclockers (from those just starting out – to hardcore LN2/dice benchers).

Our aim

Our vision is to assist the computer hardware industry to develop new PC components with meaning and value and promote this hardware through reviewing, making it accessible to a vast array of readers .  We embark to do just that, and hope that we have created this website as a resource for interacting Ubuntu users who want to take their tweaking/modding skills to the next level. Although overclocking assumes a certain familiarity with power electronics and computers in general, anyone who can run a benchmark can use our community as a helping stone in learning about tweaking their pc to the fullest. With our article system we aim to provide overclockers with state of the art “behind the machine” knowledge and therefore enable them to maximize their system’s overall efficiency. We go beyond giving a simple repetition of the manuals, to tackling the advanced concepts behind building successful cooling solutions required for one single purpose: using your pc to its fullest potential.


Google it or visit my linkedin profile.

Please feel free to communicate with me any time at drpaneas [at] gmail [dot] com



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