The story behind Optimus Kernel


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Most software are created for business purposes. But some software are created to solve real life problems. This is the story behind Optimus Kernel…

Upon 10 years of experience on Linux distributions some of the hottest issues that I came across are:

  • Does compiling from source provide real and sensible performance boosts for overall the operating system ?
  • Does compiling and removing unnecessary options from Linux Kernel provide real system boost ?

Well for sure, Gentoo Linux users will give a definite answer : YES!

There is not one scientific answer to this question.

But for the following question:

  • Does changing the Kernel Scheduler provide real and sensible performance boosts for overall the operating system ?

We give the answer: YES !

Please read some personal observations here > >>> Also download and read a scientific paper that compare BFS and CFS > schedulers > >>>

I believe that there is no point to just compile your kernel and not change the scheduler to BFS. So while I personaly use the optimised kernel I decided that everybody should benefit from this pre-optimized kernel and install it in an easy way.

Last but not least, I chose to give the name “Optimus Kernel” because it is intuitive and descriptive about what it provides.


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