The story behind iQunix


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Most software are created for business purposes. But some software are created to solve real life problems. This is the story behind iQunix…

As I have previously stated on an introductory article about iQunix we have some users who:

  • Love the freedom of choosing by themselves
  • Love the minimalistic features
  • Love the easy to use features of Ubuntu
  • Love the enormous community support that Ubuntu provides
  • Love the well established support of system updates and release cycle that Ubuntu provides
  • Love the power of Debian but do not want to sacrifice the easiness offered by Ubuntu

The above reasons are some of the most profound reasons behind the creation of iQunix. The target group of users are well explained here>>>

With iQunix you just have a bare-bone Ubuntu with some minimum sets of software to get you started. From there you can “transform” iQunix into several use-cases:

  • iQunix plus a professional application e.g Matlab for Scientific Workstation
  • iQunix plus multimedia applications e.g for Media Center
  • iQunix plus specialized applications e.g ERP – CRM Workstation
  • iQunix plus developer applications e.g Software Development Workstation
  • iQunix plus browser application e.g an internet Netbook PC

The above are some of the most common use-cases that I have came across or have had feedback from users who use iQunix.


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