Screenshot of CaptureMe caught in action

We love screenshots. Who doesn’t ? So we are uploading some fresh screenshots of the latest CaptureMe caught in step-by-step action.

Now that you have downloaded the CaptureMe in a tar.gz file and then you have extracted it in your preferred extraction place. You just need to double-click the “CaptureMe” file and press “Run


Then you will be asked if you would like to record the video “withsound” or with “no sound“. If you choose with sound,your microphone will be reserved as a sound recording device.


After you make your selection and press “OK”, your “mouse point” will be turned into a cross shape. If you click on your Desktop, your recording will be from your entire screen. If you click on a window then the recording will be just from that window.


After you click on your Desktop (full screen recording mode), or on a window (partial window recording mode) you will be presented with a “recording termination window”. You can minimize this windows until you feel that you want to finish the screencasting.


After you have finished your recording just click on the minimized window of CaptureMe.


On the unminimized window of CaptureMe, just click “OK” to stop the recording.


Then you will be presented with the final window of completion which informs you that your recording has been saved in your HOME folder


Now open your HOME folder and you will find the recorded video with a name like “CaptureMe_DATE_TIME.avi”


Now you can use your favorite video editing application to edit the video and remove any parts you don’t like !


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