Comparison: Ubuntu update manager and uCareSystem

uCareSystem’s main update mechanism comes from Ubuntu/Debian’s Update Manager. But uCareSystem continues its work where classic Update Manger stops.

You may ask :

what the heck does it do and why to use uCareSystem when there is already Ubuntu Update manager available

Ubuntu’s Update Manger will just inform you that there are available system update that can be installed. Most of the times users tend to ignore it thinking that its not necessary yet to install them or they are in the middle of something else and they Close the window that appears. Wrong move people!

Lets compare uCareSystem with Ubuntu Update manager with a simple user case:

Lets say, you hate command line and you want to maintenance your system by keeping all parts with the latest updates.

  1. You open “Update Manager”
  2. You press “Check”” to refresh your package list
  3. If there are updates available you press “Install updates”
  4. Then it asks you “Confirm to install the updates”
  5. Then you press “Yes”
  6. Update manager installs the updates and after it finishes, you press “Close” to close it.
  7. As a good “admin” of your system you want to cleanup the packages that left behind this procedure
  8. You use Synaptics, or UbuntuTweak, or Gtkorphan to clean the files under “var/cache/apt/archives”, remove orphaned packages and clean up old residential config files.
  9. After many that many “next.. next… OK… click… click… done” your system is up-to-date and cleaned up.

How about doing all of the above in just ONE application which will act as a “Wizard” and give you all the “moves” in one place. Just check Screenshots Page >>>


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