Any web server can fail…

Dear Android Linux,

It’s almost two months now that some things in my life are not as I would wish they are… Anyhow… shit happens… thats the beauty of ” life”.FrustratedAfter being forced to be away for migrating my website ( to a new domain and server, fixing database, upgrading WordPress plugins, changing web site theme and reading tons of “how to’s” just to make it better, today I couldn’t login to the server and the website was down !

Apparently, a hard-disk failure is the reason why it’s down:


We are currently running a file system check and optimization on the Server. One of the server disk drives started reporting a ‘read only file system’ error so we had to run this process.
Server will start operating normally again in 2-3 hours. Please do not submit and tickets about this issue and do not increase our work load as we are fully dedicated in resolving this problem. We thank you for your patience and understanding
Sweet !!!! Thank you too…
I hope that, they can soon resolve the issue … wish me (and my server) luck !

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