2Click Update version 5.6

After a month of delay, for testing purposes, I am releasing the new version of 2Click Update (2cu) and 2cuCORE. This version is a result of collaboration and contribution by the community. I have to thank Nathan Douglas and Mark Obad for their contribution to the code of this version and the translations provided by the launchpad community.

Nathan provided me the necessary code that checks for the dependencies of 2cuCore and if they are not installed it will do so the first time you run the software. I also used that code and made a new module, called depend_apt, for the 2Click Update so that this method is available for both editions. He also made some internal changes and fixed some minor bugs.
Mark replaced the need for temporary file in speed_apt module with checksumming. As he points out Checksumming is necessary as it stops malicious attempts at changing the .deb downloaded and temporary files are just pointless if it can be done easily without one.
Lets see what has changed and added :
— added checksumming in speed_apt module and got rid of the need for a temporary file that stores url’s of the packages that are meant to be downloaded.
— removed the “Do you want to continue?” check in 2cuCORE edition as this will cause the crontab to stop the process of upgrading
— removed any dependency installer script. Dependencies are installed automatically at the first run of 2Click Update and 2cuCORE
— cleaned up the the 2cuCORE script
— fixed some spelling mistakes
— changed “sleep” timing
— added Czech and Malayalam language packs

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